FIAP Clubs' World Cup 2017


These are the Wigan 20 images which were used in this competition


Kestrel Running into the Wind by Austin Thomas

Dark Green Fritillary by Chris Hague


Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary by Chris Hague

Focussed by Damo


Great Crested Grebe with Chick by Damo

Arctic Terns by Ed Roper


Christianna Vitavova by Ed Roper

Kamlik Church in Early Morning Mist by Robert Millin


Little Owl walking in rain by Austin Thomas

The Copper Promise by Kean Brown


Mother Goose by Lynne Morris

Mouse Trap by Lynne Morris


Emma by Mandy Shaw

Jasmine in Silk by Mandy Shaw


It's Over by Kean Brown

Raven Queen by Paul Statter


Spirit of the Dancer by Paul Statter Committed by Phil Barber

The Butcher by Phil Barber

Knitting in the Doorway by Robert Millin


FIAP Gold Medal for the best image in the competition



Committed by Phil Barber


Judges Favourite Choice by Guy Samoyault


Raven Queen by Paul Statter